Saturday, October 1, 2011

To Blog or Not to Blog? That is the Question!

The answer is...TO BLOG!! Which is what I will do every day for the month of October to participate in the NaBloWriMo - NATIONAL BLOG WRITING MONTH! Challenge.

Consider this my first entry...

What do you do on a Saturday morning? Laundry? Grocery shopping? Housecleaning? Crafting? Catching up on the week's mail and papers? Most Saturdays, my family is on a road trip to somewhere to do something. This fast-paced life has us running more often than not. This Saturday morning, however, is relaxed and full of laughter--my favorite kind of Saturday morning!

After a late breakfast of pancakes, bacon, and lattes, my mom and daughter and I are sitting around mom's kitchen table with our electronics...daughter has her MacBook open working on a homework assignment, mom is posting one status after another on Facebook using her iPad, and I am promoting my Casual Day Designs ArtFire jewelry studio with links to Twitter and facebook from my laptop.

The quiet clacking of keys on the keyboards is punctuated by the occasional belch and frumping noise (apparently breakfast was goooood). Pretty soon we get to giggling and snickering and one-upping each other with various bodily functions. When unable to produce a natural sound, one or the other will create a fake sound. Pretty soon, we are one-upping each other with the fake sounds. My daughter then wants to know how to create some of the sounds that I'm making. As I sit there trying to explain how to form an air bubble between the teeth and cheek to create an amusing sound, my mom gets this funny look on her face. My daughter and I both look questioningly at her for an explanation.

"Did I ever tell you how proud I am of you and what a great mother you are?", my mom looks at me and says with a most serious face.

What do you do on Saturdays? Nothing like some hearty burping and flatulence to bond with family and have a good laugh.

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Raige Creations said...

we are doing that this afternoon...well the real ones here on the couch catching up on blogs and ALSO in NaBloWriMo, trying not to get behind before it barely starts...the boys playing video games...and daughter on her netbook and texting...

with the occasional toot, belch, snore (yes, one son fell asleep).

there is nothing better.

Hart Johnson said...

Sounds like a great Saturday! I woke up to someone asking my husband if they could park in our yard... you see, we live 3 blocks from 'the Big House' (Michigan Stadium) and park cars in our yard for home games... guess the tail gating was starting early. I'm okay with that--over the season that extra $1000 funds Christmas. And it really is sort of exciting around here to have an extra hundred thousand people milling about...

sherriehansen said...

:-) I would like you to meet my niece. She would get along great in your family from the sound of things (no pun intended!)

mybabyjohn/Delores said...

We are retired...every day is Saturday.
thanks for dropping in on thefeatherednest

Deborah Rohne said...

Thanks for your comments, everyone!! I think this exercise of blogging something everyday will be good for me, and I appreciate your feedback!