Friday, October 21, 2011

My Favorite Room in the House

Day 21 of NaBloWriMo (National Blog Writing Month)...

The pine room is my favorite room in the house--oh, if those pine walls could talk. It is still where we spend most of our time when we are at home.

Our house is a small, two-bedroom ranch with a full, finished basement. The pine room was added to the back of the house a few years before we purchased it and was probably the biggest selling point for us at the time. The tall windows on three of the walls and vaulted ceiling gives the illusion of a room larger than it actually measures.

When we first moved in, we placed a desk with computer in one corner. For a while, we had a ping-pong table that occupied the room space--nothing else would fit. An old upright piano made the room its home during the years that my son was taking piano lessons. As a baby in her bouncy seat, my daughter would bounce across the floor while my son played the piano. A stereo sat atop the piano for a while and Space Jam and Sawyer Brown were just two of the very diverse sounds blaring from the speakers of that stereo while darling daughter twirled around and danced as a toddler.

Over the years, we have held family gatherings for birthdays, anniversary parties, Thanksgiving dinners, and Christmases placing two large tables down the middle of the room to accommodate our siblings and parents as we talked and laughed and enjoyed many a great repast.

Today it still holds a desk for our current computer, but there is also my grandmother's dining room table that I inherited after she passed away as well as a couch that belonged to my husband's grandmother, which he inherited after she passed. There is the middle unit of an old entertainment center with a 36" television--this is due to the fact that we upgraded to a flat panel TV for the living room, but since the 36" is still a working television, we couldn't possibly get rid of it. A bookcase holds miscellaneous computer software manuals and partial packages of photo paper and labels and other stuff I'm too lazy to throw away. There are two overstuffed filing cabinets which now hold a plethora of electronics on their dust-covered surfaces. A rocker and three extra office chairs sit in the left over open spaces of the floor waiting for the day we can give them away or use them elsewhere.

Still with all the extra clutter that the pine room now holds, it also holds the memories and warmth of treasured family time.

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