Selecting and Cutting the Denim Fabric - Part I

Gluing the Denim Bead - Part II

These videos show my process of making the denim beads. I have also added a new step after the gluing to make the beads shiny and less prone to fraying. I coat each bead with a layer or two of No Fray and after that dries, I paint a layer of clear glittery nail polish on to give it a fun sparkly affect. My original pieces that are for sale in my ArtFire Studio have both the non-coated beads and the new sparkly beads. Please check out the descriptions on each piece to see which style of bead is used.

One of the craft projects I remember doing in my younger days was making paper beads out of newsprint, magazine pages, or gift wrap. At some point a few years ago, the idea came to me to use this same technique only with denim fabric and to then use the beads to make accessories to wear with my jeans. This idea has blossomed into a fun online business and a great way to keep my creative juices flowing!

In addition to using all different colors of denim jeans, I utilize assorted beads from various sources to complete each design--the more unique, the better!! I have used vintage beads as well as new, and every design inspires me to make more!