Friday, October 28, 2011

Here's What I Would've Blogged About if I had Blogged

NaBloWriMo (National Blog Writing Month)..

I'm getting lazy and not posting daily. But if I had been posting, this is a summary of what the days blog posts might have included...

Day 25...
Mom hosted a Bible study at her house. There was an hour plus of business meeting with decisions to be made about where to give funds, when to have a Christmas party, and what to gift the nursing home residents before there was any studying of the Bible. The Bible study didn't last as long as the business meeting and didn't have as much participation. Just something wrong with that picture.

Day 26...
At the grocery store today, a man in a bright orange suit and spiky blond hair was accosting people as they were entering and exiting the store with invasive magic tricks. Well, okay...maybe they weren't invasive and accosting is an exaggeration...but still it was annoying and inappropriate. Just sayin'.

Day 27...
parent teacher conferences at school...glowing reports from all my daughter's teachers. I am so proud of her.

Day 28 ...
My cousin won a canoe in a contest. She picked it up today and photographed herself and her family sitting in the canoe. The canoe was in their front yard on top of six inches of freshly fallen Colorado snow. There is definitely a story to blog about there!

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