Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Just Right

Day 18 of NaBloWriMo (National Blog Writing Month)...

Baby Bear has it made--everything is just right...according to Goldilocks, anyway. His porridge isn't too hot or too cold; his chair isn't too big or too small; his bed isn't too hard or too soft. I think I need a Goldilocks to come into my home and figure out what I need to get rid of and what I need to add to make everything just right. Sounds like a job for Martha Stewart, but since we're not currently acquaintances, and short of having a little girl break in to my home while I'm out for a walk to point out my cooking and decorating errors, I'm thinking of looking into Feng Shui.

Tonight at my book study club, we reviewed the book, "Throw Out Fifty Things--Clear the Clutter, Find Your Life" by Gail Blanke. It not only gives step-by-step instructions on getting rid of the physical stuff, but helpful tips for attacking the mental mess as well. A great read and just what I needed to start making everything "just right."

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