Sunday, October 9, 2011

Leave it Alone

Day 9 of NaBloWriMo (National Blog Writing Month)...

I awoke to the smell of burning leaves this morning. The pungent, bitter aroma is unmistakable. I burrowed down under the covers pulling the sheet up over my nose annoyed by the rude awakening. Our city council members in their infinite wisdom mandated a voluntary burn ban--fat lotta good that does! What I can't comprehend is the fact that we have several services in place for the disposal/removal/pick up of the fallen leaves--some even free, yet people still find it necessary to take a match to the toxic heap. Burning in the country is one thing, but not in town--it is so inconsiderate.

The smell of non-burning leaves crunching underneath my feet on the walking path later today brought back a flood of fall memories. One memory in particular was a church youth group camping activity I went on in junior high. Hiking through the wet leaves, eating supper cooked over a campfire, playing "spin the bottle" and "truth or dare" in the tent (after lights out), and being so cold during the night that my fingers were numb and I could never get to sleep.

The colorful fall beauty is on its way out. The wind the last few days has not helped. We ventured out one more time today to walk, enjoy the weather, and take a few more photos...edited and displayed here for your viewing pleasure. I wonder what I will write about for this blog-a-day challenge for National Blog Writing Month once the weather and the scenery changes. I'm sure I will think of something...after the Fall comes getting back up again.

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Not Hannah said...

It's strange to think that Fall is almost over where you's barely started here. I adore's my favorite time of year and I love the imagery you use here!

Deborah Rohne said...

Thanks for the comment! Check back again later, as I'm having trouble uploading the images from today but hope to get them on here soon!

Raige Creations said...

beautiful images! though I am mourning summer's passing, there IS something about the smell of fall that gets me every year. the feeling of cozy fireplaces, family time, and the beautiful fall colors.