Since graduating from community college some 20+ years ago with a Secretarial Science Certificate, my various administrative professional jobs have ranged from legal secretary to account clerk to part-time receptionist depending on the needs of my children and where my husband’s careers landed us.  While typing, answering phones, and general office duties have provided a meager paycheck with occasional benefits at best, it was never very satisfying on a personal level.  In 2008, I left a full-time auditing position to care for an aging parent and be a stay-at-home mom.   

Being a caregiver has its rewards, but I have found I am most in my element when I’m using my God-given gift of creativity.  Creating stories through writing or creating art through photography and digital artistry have been my favorite outlets. I’ve been blogging since before blogging existed—I called it keeping a diary or journal and used a pen and paper.

I discovered I also have an eye for creating jewelry as well.  Not just any jewelry—but jewelry to be worn with jeans!  As I mentioned before, I’ve been in the workforce for many years, and just about every workplace allows the wearing of jeans on designated days—typically known as “Casual Day Fridays.”  Everyone knows that bright colored beads, silver, gold, and even pearls go with jeans.  But nothing matches quite as well, in my opinion, as my unique “jean” jewelry. 

My Casual Day Designs jewelry is made using a variety of beads; however, the primary beads in each design are crafted from scraps of denim.  This has been an idea I'd had for awhile.

Using recycled jeans of differing hues and textures, I create each bead and pendant by hand.  No two beads are alike and so no two pieces are alike.  I’m having such fun creating denim jewelry and enjoy sharing it, because everyone I know wears jeans!!

Bottom line is I love to create!!!  I haven't met a craft project I didn't want to try.

I thrive on creating beautiful images with my digital camera--I have several framed and stretched canvas enlargements of my digital artistry displayed in my home;

I am passionate about creating moving and humorous stories through my writing--I have had stories printed in Country Extra Magazine, and I am currently a field rep for Our Iowa Magazine;

I am fulfilled when creating a sense of peace and stability in my home for my family;

I create heavenly lattes; and
enjoy creating jewelry from my one-of-a-kind, handmade denim beads!

I love that the Creator of the universe has blessed me with many talents that I can share with others.