Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Digital Artistry in the Fall

Day 5 of NaBloWriMo (National Blog Writing Month)...

On Day 2 I blogged about the fall colors and painting vs. photography to capture the most perfect image. Yesterday, the beautiful weather beckoned me outside for the challenge of seeing the autumn leaves at their finest through the camera lens. Making my way down to East Park in Mason City where several residents were enjoying the amazing Indian summer temperatures, I walked along feeling as though I were part of Mother Nature's mural. There is something about the deep yellows, bright oranges, and romantic reds of the foliage that warms the heart and the soul. If only the colors and feeling of fall would last as long as the starkness and cold of winter.

From the camera, I transformed the pictures into digital works of art using Adobe Photoshop. So I guess you could say I created my perfect fall masterpieces using both photography and "painting". Perhaps I have made some little trees even Bob Ross would find artistically happy.

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