Friday, September 6, 2013

Easiest Curtain Tieback Ever!!

The only materials needed for this project are some paperclips and teacup hooks and you will have yourself the easiest curtain tieback solution ever!!

We've all made connecting chains from paperclips...for fun, to pass the time, to wear as jewelry, or just to annoy the teacher.  Now you can put that creative pastime to use right at home, right now!!

With all the fun, colorful paperclips in the local office supply store and some creative embellishments to complement your curtains, you are only limited by your own imagination. 

1.  Grab a handful of paper clips, and make a chain.

2.  Screw a teacup hook into the outer wood frame of the desired window at the desired height.

3.  Loop one end of your paperclip chain on the hook.

4.  Gather the curtain material and wrap the chain around it; secure it by placing the other end of the paperclip chain on the hook.


It could not be more simple!!

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