Friday, May 13, 2011

If You Can’t Craft, Be Crafty…

One man’s junk is another man’s treasure. That is something I’ve heard many times over the years. In fact, I lived in a town where there was an actual consignment store with the name: One Man’s Junk. But the term “destash” is new to me. Destashing, as I’m learning, refers to possessions that you no longer want or need and are eliminating from your collection. In other words, my personal “stash” of craft supplies includes some items I have determined I will never use or no longer want and in order to thin out my stash, I could de-stash! That’s brilliant!! It’s like calling a rummage sale a gourmet buffet! Does fancying up the name of getting rid of our trash make it somehow more glamourous??

I checked out the number of results that are returned for a search of “destash” on a few online marketplaces and found out the following about all the unused yarn, beads, and sewing notions we have laying around: ArtFire has 5,575 listings with the term or tag of destash, Etsy has 6,224 listings, and even eBay sellers are into destashing with 55 listings. Pricing for these items (shipping not included) ranges from a nickel to over $700!

Are you someone that purchases a destashed stash just to stash some and destash the rest??

Happy Free-For-All Friday the 13th!

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1 comment:

the Merry Fox said...

Hadn't heard of the term destash; gives one pause. I have so many items from trying various crafts! All those crafty things are so appealing, at least before I try to make them! I Enjoy your blog! Rhonda