Friday, April 22, 2011

The Price of Gold is Going Through the Roof (of my husband's mouth, anyway)

It's Free-For-All Friday everyone, and that means that the topic for Casual Day Designs Blog could be on anything and everything, so grab a cup of coffee and settle in--especially those of you who have some metal in your mouth!

Other possible titles for this blog could be "The Whole Tooth and Nothing But the Tooth," or "There's Gold in Them There Fills."

Thankfully, I have been blessed with a cavity-free mouth--my hubby was not so lucky. Recently the dentist told him the metal fillings he's had for years are defective, shrinking even, and could, if untreated, end in decay and lead to abscess. The dentist recommended replacing all the metal with resin composite. Typically this is a cosmetic procedure unless the filling is cracked or broken.

My husband, who is not so fond of sitting in the dentist chair even for a cleaning, opted to put off the replacing of his prized metal possessions...

...until one of them fell out.

An article on Huffpost Business says, "The price of gold has just hit $1,500 an ounce, a record high..."

As I sat in the waiting room of the dentist office, I imagined what I would do after cashing in on this unrealized gold treasure. Following the appointment, the dentist gave us an envelope to mail the gold filling in for our "reward." I say "us" and "ours" because what's his is mine, what's ours is mine, and what's mine is mine--just as it should be ;)

I'm not so pleased to report that the $46 we received for the gold filling was barely enough to cover the gas to get back and forth to the dentist not to mention the dental bill which is now on a payment plan. So my plans of sneaking into my hubby's mouth in the middle of the night to pan for the rest of the gold has been abandoned, and I have moved on to other ponderings like: What does this rise in gold prices mean for my jewelry artist friends who create with gold?, and Is my current collection of gold jewelry underinsured? (unfortunately my current collection doesn't amount to much more than the weight of my husband's gold filling).

Until the price of denim goes up, I'll just keep creating jewelry with jeans to be worn with jeans!

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