Monday, April 11, 2011

Brown Denim Beads and Blue Denim Beads

Get your color wheel out, boys and girls, it's time for an art lesson! So, I dropped one of my blue contacts onto a green bathroom rug tonight...

Q. What color was I looking for to find the contact?

A. One that doesn't exist! Because as soon as you drop a contact, it becomes invisible!!

But seriously, I did have a productive night (before losing my contact) organizing a few of my latest bead supply purchases and then laying out a couple new designs on my beading trays.

*Spoiler Alert* One of the designs has browns and turquoises and the other double-strand necklace has African Blue Lace Namibia. This beautiful blue agate is said to help one reach extremely high spiritual spaces and inner attunement.

Stay tuned for pictures and listings on ArtFire!

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