Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Casual Day Designs Tuesday Shopping Showcase

The robins are attempting to build their annual nests on top of my outdoor light fixtures again--a sure sign spring is taking flight. It always amazes me how they can so intricately and perfectly mold their nest out of twigs and vines with nothing but their beaks and their little birdie feet! In honor of these winged wonders, I would like to remind everyone it is the 226th birthday of John James Audubon. Mr. Audubon was a French-American ornithologist, naturalist, hunter, and painter who described, painted, and recorded the birds of North America in a manner far superior to any before him.

Like the innovative works of John Audubon, ArtFire.com is an interactive online community designed to bring together buyers and sellers of artistic goods in a manner far superior to any other online marketplace! And with that said...it is Tuesday...which means Casual Day Designs is bringing another Tuesday Shopping Showcase your way. Tuesday is the day I will feature three ArtFire Studios in my blog. So get your shopping list and settle in. There's something for everyone today!!

I don't know about you, but we're already receiving Graduation announcements in the mail, which means it's time to think about buying some cards and planning out the day of reception hopping. (I like to find out what everyone is serving so I know which receptions I will attend first for food and which ones I will make later on the list for cake and desserts!!) Instead of the same old money holder cards, if you're looking for something unique that the graduate won't receive three of the same, check out A-Lou Creations. This husband and wife team make some wacky greeting cards that are like no other!!

Another day that should not be overlooked this month is, of course, Mother's Day! Mother's Day is not just for Mothers, however! Take care of mom, aunts, sisters, grandmas, friends and all the females in your family with some moisturizing shea butter soap in a variety of wonderful scents from Fo-Shizzle Design Studios. Mischelle's soap is like silk on your skin and smells heavenly!

And while I'm talking about mom, I should also put a plug in for dad--my dad, Sam, that is. He's the one that got me hooked on ArtFire in the first place! His shop, Tied in Knotz, features paracord survival bracelets and related products. (And I have to mention that the photography of his items is superior!)

So, check out my dad's shop, pick up something for mom, and don't forget the graduates--ArtFire has it all--it's not just for the birds!

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Trekster said...

Thanks for the plug, Deb. You will have to check out the comment Stormdrane left on my Blog yesterday. Rather interesting.

Anonymous said...

Graduation and Mother's Day....your blog inspired me to get that shopping done. thanks for the suggestions!