Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday, April 29 - It's a Gas, Gas, Gas...

A Royal Wedding with all the media fanfare; devastating storms pummeling the south and their aftermath; Obama's birth certificate's a plethora of possible topics for my Friday Free-For-All Blog!! But what really has me pumped up today is a Royal Pain in the Gas!!

Predicted to reach $4.50/gal this summer, several car owners will be looking at dropping $100+ to fill up. We're already at $3.62 a gallon here in the upper Midwest, but there is a station right outside the Orlando International Airport that has reportedly been serving up the fuel for $5.39 a gallon for regular!!

How much is too much before we curb our long distance traveling plans and buy a Segway to get around town?? That gets me pondering vacation destinations this summer and thinking about planning smaller trips closer to home. There is a commercial out right now where the dad is on the riding lawn mower pulling his daugher on skis because it's too expensive to go any farther than his own backyard for a nice getaway--funny, but not, 'cause it's true!!

So what are you doing for vacation this year? Are the rising gas prices affecting your plans? Have you checked out your own state's hidden treasures? Here is a link from the Meredith Corporation to get you started...

Maybe I'll just stay home and work on beating the gas prices by beading necklaces instead :)

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1 comment:

Trekster said...

And, to think there is really no shortage to cause the increased price pain. The entire problem is caused by speculators, driving up the prices, so they can make a bundle of money. As our illustrious President and Congress sit by watching them do it. You won't see any of them cutting back on travel or vacations.