Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tuesday Shopping Showcase for June 7, 2011

Welcome to another edition of my Tuesday Shopping Showcase blog! I'm your host, Deb, creator of Casual Day Designs - jewelry for your jeans, and I'll be taking you on a trip down ArtFire lane introducing you to some amazing artisans who sell their handmade items in an online global marketplace. Every Tuesday I randomly select three ArtFire studios to feature -- so here we go...

Next week is our county fair already! It comes so early after the end of school there's hardly time to work on projects much before the week prior to the fair. My daughter and I are busy with clothing selection exhibits, goal sheets, and photography entries. Photography projects are so much easier to procrastinate now with the invention of the digital camera and the instant images that can be produced down at the local drugstore kiosk--no waiting for film to be developed and then waiting again for enlargements to be made!!

With the invention of ArtFire, you no longer have to travel to specialty stores to find the camera accessories and photo props you need either!! Picture this--ArtFire artists can set you up with some great products for all your photography needs. Camera straps, bags, and unique items for taking pictures of children just to name a few can all be found on ArtFire!

Karen from Colorado combines her love of fabric with her design and sewing skills, acquired from 20 plus years in manufacturing outdoor gear to create her own line of products. One of her unique handmade items is a padded small digital camera bag that she sells from her ArtFire Studio, Zoe's Bag Boutique.

The Sweet Strap, an Artisan Studio out of Connecticut, has a wide variety of camera strap slipcovers and dSLR camera straps for every photographer's personal flair.

Shutter Buddies has a great idea to make the photographer's job simpler. Here is a description of one of her items straight from her ArtFire Studio:

"Having trouble getting the wild ones to look and smile at the camera? Look no further, here is your solution! Every one of my large Shutter Buddies is entirely hand made and all include a squeaker inside the material to make the attention catching noise necessary for your little ones to look at the camera with a big smile. The squeakers can be moved around the inside of Shutter Buddies for your convenience to work for both right-hand shooters and lefties. I use only high quality materials and hand embroider everything. It is made to last and is sprayed with a stain protection guard to prevent from getting dirty easily and is treated with anti-fray ointment. You will find shooting photos of kids is far easier and exciting, as they will look right at the camera interested in the funny faces and animals surrounding your lens. Squeak away with the squeaker inside for extra attention grabbing when needed..."

You have to see one of these camera prop Shutter Buddies for yourself--they are adorable!!

Have fun shopping, and I'll see you at the fair!

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Karen@Zoe's Bag Boutique said...

Thanks so much for featuring my shop on your blog. What a wonderful surprise!

Jan E O said...

Wow what a great idea to show case a shop and those are really cute little camera buddies.