Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Time for Harvest

My last post was in April of this year. I've taken some time to travel, relax, sample a variety of cuisine, hone my coffee snob status, and plant some new and renewed ideas with regards to my denim bead designs.
There's still no doubt in my mind that I have a very unique and valuable idea (to toot my own horn), but I had been wavering from my own lack of self-confidence (and lack of sales) whether to even pursue development of my jewelry creations.

During my haitus, I continued to ponder my denim bead idea and ways to improve my product. I've struggled with whether or not I like the "frayed" look of the beads upon prolonged wear and have been trying to come up with an idea to eliminate that aspect. I've also felt that while I like the denim look and the fact that it matches the jeans that I love to wear, the notion that jewelry should be more shiny and sparkly has niggled at the back of my mind as well.

So given the fact that my daughter is back in school once again and I've had to curb my vacation-taking, I'm back in my creative zone and working on a couple new enhancements to the denim beads.

I will be trying a new and improved denim bead that has sparkle, shine, and less fraying tendencies. I did manage to stumble across a few other rare bead finds throughout my travels that I will incorporate into the designs with my new denim beads.
So watch for some new creations from Casual Day Designs (and hopefully new posts that will occur more often than every four months ;) ) as my ideas come to fruition.
The seeds of new ideas have been planted and it is now time for harvest!

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