Monday, October 19, 2009

Be Very A-Frayed!

It's less than two weeks until Halloween! Do you have your decorations up, the pumpkins carved, and the costumes made/purchased. I don't let my husband buy trick-or-treat candy until a couple days before beggar's night, or we'd have it all eaten ahead of time!! My daughter is less than fond of this time of year in the stores since the scarier costumes are just too frightening to even look at on display. And speaking of being afraid, I have a-fraying topic for my blog readers today.

While I do caution my customers that the denim beads on my jewelry will fray with wear, it's a matter of personal preference how it's worn once the fraying becomes more prominant. The bracelet I made for my sister gets worn quite frequently--thanks, Sis. She showed it to me when I visited her last month.

If you like the affect of the fraying, feel free to wear it with fringe swaying. If you want, you can carefully trim the strings for a cleaner look. If you've worn it totally out, return the piece, and I will make it look new again.

Happy Halloween!!!

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