Saturday, January 3, 2009

Dyed Turquoise Pendants

I attended the Bead Show in Hopkins, MN last October and purchased some beautiful dyed turquoise beads that I incorporated into my denim bead necklaces and gave for Christmas this year. Each recipient was looking forward to wearing it with a specific article of clothing in their closet along with THEIR JEANS!!


lori forney said...

Love the denim jewelry. Would go great with one of my handbags:) LOL Check me out at .. Lori

Deb Rohne said...

Hi, Lori: Thanks for checking out my Casual Day Designs! Your handbags are great!

I'm having a ball creating my denim designs, and it looks like you are very enthusiastic about your unique items, too.

Are your items you sell locally on consignment or how do you handle your local sales?